Hadrocodium Wui -
Best of 2001-2002-2003-2004-2008-2009-2010

Release date: 8 November 2010


Hadrocodium Wui - Best of 2001-2002-2003-2004-2008-2009-2010 - BFW recordings netlabel

Total running time: 39:04

The debut release on BFW from Hadrocodium Wui is of course a compilation of the best tracks from some of the last ten years. This is quite unique and therefore hard to define, but here goes... This album has a chilled ambient background but is coupled with mixed up beats and percussion and an intensity and even a maniacal quality to some of the instrumentation. It draws from a whole range of influences, which makes it an ideal addition to the BFW catalogue. Get it downloaded and spend a wonderful 39 minutes in the company of Hadrocodium Wui!


  1. Dream on for harm 'o' new
  2. Mobil me
  3. Reflex
  4. Asswipe
  5. They are here
  6. Fear
  7. Drops
  8. Smoke 'em
  9. Our Moment
  10. Terminate
  11. The Silent Committee - Rose (Hadrocodium Wui mix)

Hadrocodium Wui